In 1993, a concerned father, owner of a pharmaceutical lab, developed a range of gentle moisturizers to soothe his son’s dry and atopic skin. Ultra Moisturizing Body Milk was born, Topicrem’s first product, before the brand moved on to innovate in other areas.

Topicrem is now a family brand (prescribed by dermatologists), with a range that caters to the whole family. 

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    An unctuous emulsion enriched with moisturizing (urea 2%, glycerin 10%) protective and nourishing agents. Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk provides 24 hour protection and eliminates all signs of dry skin. Particularly suitable for dry and/or dehydrated skin (from cold, from sun…) as well as children’s fragile skin. Apply massaging gently, for durable...

    S$ 24.00
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