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DrH03-Active Spring Moisturising Day Care

1 250 000 active cells in each bottle.

Rebuild the hydrolipidic film to slow down skin dryness.

Regenerates and improves skin smoothness.

Helps restoring the cutaneous layer. Antioxydant and anti-free radical effect.

This highly concentrated care reactivates the skin original hydration through multi-level action.                           It relieves the skin from tightness and dehydration feeling. 

Protective active ingredients prevent poluting agents from getting in the skin, delay the formation of wrinkles and gives a radiant complexion.

Proven efficiency by in vitro testing.

The Vine Blossom stem cells play a significant part on improving skin quality. These vegetable cells maximize the bio-activity of active skin molecules.

High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid is active on the epidermis surface by forming a protective layer that prevents dehydration and external agressions on the skin. 

Stabilised Vitamine E,  Organic Grape Seed Oil.

Apply every morning on face, neck and chest after Serum (DrA02 or DrE02) for an optimal hydrating treatment.

Perfect Combination with Moisturising Serum.

S$ 60.00